Shout Louder With an Infogram Component

Lots of data and insights? With Canvasflow’s Infogram Component, readers can stay engaged for longer and remember more of your content.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

August 22nd, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 mins

Making your content visually engaging goes a long way to getting readers to stick around, with the use of videos, galleries, even maps where applicable, they add an extra layer of interest.

With the inbuilt Canvasflow Infogram Component, you can take it a step further – you can embed infographics, reports and slides, all responsive, fully customisable and even animated. These infographics can be designed to fit your brand, be interactive and even animated:

infogram on canvasflow
Canvasflow’s Infogram Component

The Value of Highly Visual Information

An infographic is a visualisation of data, it’s a way to make dense or large amounts of information interesting and digestible. It’s been shown that at least on web, visitors on average spend more time looking at images than they do reading, so it makes sense that infographics can not only capture a users attention, but also hold it.

Most of us are visual learners, and the infographic medium is actually the leader in helping users retain information, as shown by our own Infogram below!


You can sign up to Infogram for free to see what’s possible in conjunction with Canvasflow. You can also see some examples of great Infogram infographics here.

See our help documentation for details on the Canvasflow Infogram Component.

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