Canvasflow November ’16 Update

This update’s a big one, here’s a breakdown of the new features

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

November 16th, 2016 | Reading Time: 3 mins
Canvasflow Updates

This month the team has had the pleasure of working with some cool new clients, moved the Canvasflow API out of private beta, pushed a ton of new features and seen some very exciting new ‘Canvasflow powered’ apps released.


Some of the new features:

Custom Style Blocks

Responsive Mobile Design

The aim has always been to provide a simple, code free way of managing the design of your content and with ‘Custom style blocks’ we intend to build on this capability.

With custom style blocks you can now give important content the prominence it deserves. Apply background colours and text styles to different sections within your articles. Give it a try by navigating to the style builder and creating your first style block now.

Custom Code ZIP Support


zip file upload

The custom code component now supports uploading zip files, meaning you can now add responsive custom code (including all assets) with a single click. With in-built editing, you can make a quick change from the editor window and immediately see the result in your article.

The best part is that when you publish, everything is packaged up and delivered to your app for offline viewing making the whole process simpler and faster than ever.


Publish to Pugpig

pugpig logo

We announced official Pugpig channel support back in September but this month the team is delighted to announce several key improvements designed to make creating, managing and publishing to Pugpig from Canvasflow even easier. Here are just some of the new features:

  • ‘Publish to Production’ offers parallel management of development and production apps in one place
  • Support for Pugpig app font size control
  • Managing TOC visibility and section order
  • Setting TOC style per publication
  • Managing the payment status on a per issue basis
  • Managing issue order
  • Improved caching to reduce app update times


Platform Updates

Along with the usual bug fixes and under the hood tweaks, the system has gotten several new features:

  • More design controls added including improved support for canvas and image caption styling
  • More flexibility – nested text components can now be moved and deleted
  • Native support for embedding Vidyard videos
  • Drag and drop issue ordering for non-Pugpig channels
  • New article components
  • UX improvements and enhanced support for low-resolution devices

These updates are already active for your account so sign in and take a look. If you’re not an existing Canvasflow user contact us to sign up for a free trial.


What’s next?

2016 has seen many new features added to enhance the Canvasflow authoring platform but the new developments are not finished yet. The upcoming release is landing very soon and will add several new Twixl Publisher 5 features, including push notification support.

If you’d like to create rich, responsive content without the need for developers, set up a free trial of Canvasflow.

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