New Media Components & Faster Articles

As a precursor to several major releases arriving in 2018 Q4, Canvasflow 3.6 brings a number of under the hood changes to get things ready.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

August 29th, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 mins
canvasflow update

As a precursor to several major releases arriving in 2018 Q4, Canvasflow 3.6 brings a number of under the hood changes to get things ready.

With new and improved media components, a more integrated experience when connected to Twixl Publisher or Pugpig Publish, lets dig into what this release brings with it.

New Media Components

The new components have been added to provide more control for media types that previously were only embeddable using the custom code component.  These dedicated components make embedding easier and more robust.


Infogram components give you control over responsiveness and width of your infogram content, so it can fit into any layout easily. Compared to Infogram embeds using the Custom Code component, this will have much improved reliability while being far more robust on mobile devices.

Twitter Feed

Easily add the feed of any Twitter account by simply referencing their handle.  If required, you can now also control the height of the feed to keep your article clan and compact.

infogram and twitter components

Enhanced Video & Audio

We’ve added support for Facebook Video and Facebook Workspace Video embeds, and PodBean audio.  These introduce a few new options that you may not have seen before, but you can find all the details for these and the new components in our support knowledgebase.

A Smoother Experience

As users are creating more complex and long-form content, we want Canvasflow to continue to feel fast and easy to work with – so we’ve majorly optimised load times. Even the longest and most complex articles now only take a matter of seconds to be fully editable.

Twixl Publisher Integration

This update also brings minor but valuable updates to the Twixl Publisher integration.

  • Twixl Content Items load faster than ever
  • Will now display un-linked collections when connected to a Twixl channel
  • Unlimited visibility of Twixl Content Items, no longer capped at 250

Pugpig Filters

Users connected to a Pugpig channel can now start working with Issue filters right from the Canvasflow UI – allowing readers to easily differentiate between different subsets of content within the app.

pugpig filters

Improved PDF to Image Quality

Creating articles from a PDF now provide even better image quality, without significantly impacting the article size.



As always, for a full list of updates, head on over to our changelog.

The direction of our update pipeline is swayed heavily by input, so you can also use our Feature Request Form to tell us what you’d like to see, or contact us at to report any issues.

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