It’s A Kind of Magic

The new Magic Key feature adds more ways to manipulate content and streamline the content creation process.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

November 29th, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 mins

Introducing the the ‘Magic Key’ – a simple but powerful feature which provides new features and more intuitive control over how you build content.

The Magic Key

Canvasflow’s editor has always focused on being both powerful and intuitive.  With the Magic Key, this intuitiveness is further enhanced by providing more options for manipulating content while making building content even easier.

Using the Magic Key it’s now possible to change text styling, merge and/or duplicate content, convert Images to Galleries, convert Text Components to Captions and lots more!

Using it is simple – just hold down the Magic Key (CMD on Mac / CTRL on Windows) and drag a component.  When the Magic Key is activated, a tooltip will be displayed informing you what action will be performed if the component is dropped.

In the example above dragging a text component normally highlights all the valid drop zones, showing where it can be placed on the canvas.  When the Magic Key is activated, an alternate action is highlighted.  In this case it provides the ability to convert an entire Paragraph block to Intro styling.

To start working with the ‘Magic Key feature, simply hold CMD on Mac (CTRL on Windows) and start dragging content.  For a full breakdown of the functionality check out our help documentation.


And incase our blog title has the song stuck in your head… Here’s the video, enjoy!

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