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Convert HTML to PDF with Canvasflow

Liam Handford | January 16th, 2019

Convert HTML to PDF with Canvasflow

Converting to alternate formats is simple, and it can all be done from one place.

HTML5 is the gold-standard format for digital content, responsive on any device or screen size. This is the format content is created in when using Canvasflow, though sometimes publishers need that content in a format fit for print – so we provide multiple formats to convert content to, one of those being a high quality PDF.

To convert HTML to PDF in Canvasflow, just navigate to the article manager and select PDF on your chosen content:


A full explanation of how to create PDF’s using Canvasflow can be found in our help documentation.


Why is PDF best for print?


Design First

No matter what the file is being opened on, Mac or PC, desktop or mobile, regardless of program, PDF’s retain their design and importantly their quality. You’re able to have confidence that the recipient is seeing exactly the same thing as you are.

Print Preparation is Minimal

Any good printer will always go through checks to ensure the document is ready, but with PDF’s these checks are minimal, such as checking the bleed, margins and colour model, and something that can be edited by printers without interfering with the design.

Embedded Fonts

Fonts are embedded within PDF files so that there’s never an issue printing exactly the design you see on your screen, since the file includes the necessary fonts. This means your printer doesn’t continually have to go back and forth ensuring the correct fonts are being used, using the latest versions, and without corruption.

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