Canvasflow v2.5 Update

v2.5 is here! This update focuses on streamlining your workflow with publishing platform integration updates

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

August 11th, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 mins

This release has been in the works for a while, but Canvasflow 2.5 is finally here. This version sees a range of new features and updates designed to help further streamline your digital workflow.

Below are just a few of the highlights from this release. As always you can find the full details in our changelog.


Enhanced Article Management

V2.5 introduces a number of new features providing you with even more control over how your content is managed.

You can now download articles (without switching channels), duplicate content, move articles seamlessly between collections and un-publish live content with a single click.

The new controls can be found in the new options menu within the article manager.



Uninterrupted Workflow

With our new queuing system, you no longer have to wait for content to finish publishing. Simply hit publish and continue to work while Canvasflow processes in the background. It even provides real-time status updates, which is particularly useful when working with large articles.


Deeper Platform Integrations

twixl pugpig

Pugpig Publish

We’ve introduced a new ‘Full-Sync’ option, making app development faster by ensuring your articles are synchronized at all times. With improved metadata support and the new ‘hide from app’ feature, this release makes controlling your Pugpig content easier than ever.

Twixl Publisher

If you’re using Twixl Publisher you’ll be pleased to hear that this release adds thumbnail support and cell style controls across all content items. You can now also un-publish articles without having to delete them, while under the hood changes mean moving from a development to production app is now a completely seamless experience!


General Enhancements

This release also sees a number of other great features, including:

  • Right to Left (RTL) text support
  • Inline custom code support
  • ‘Mailto’ support added for image component
  • Media captions now support HTML5 phrase tags
  • Optimised meta-data management
  • Improved system notifications

As always, your feedback is crucial to making Canvasflow better with each release. If there’s a feature you would love to see added, please let us know using our feature request form.

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