Canvasflow & PageSuite Webinar: From InDesign to Responsive Apps

On Thursday 21st November at 2pm GMT, we hosted a webinar with PageSuite to showcase Canvasflow-PageSuite digital publishing solution

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

October 30th, 2019 | Reading Time: < 1 min

On Thursday 21st November at 2pm GMT, we hosted a webinar with PageSuite, a leading digital publishing platform with over a decade of experience in publishing and over 1200 live apps – fully integrated with Canvasflow.

The webinar covered the possibilities available to publishers with Canvasflow’s integration with Pagesuite’s Edition App’s product – An elegant solution for publishers to create flexible, stunning and responsive content, and publish it seamlessly to a PageSuite supported app.

We also showcased our smart InDesign Plugin that allows content to be published from InDesign into an already styled, and formatted HTML5 Canvasflow article.

Some of the things we covered:

  • Converting InDesign content to structured HTML, ready to be published to any channel
  • Creating and designing content with no development experience using the Canvasflow editor
  • The seamless integration between Canvasflow and PageSuite, providing one click publishing to PageSuite’s ‘Edition App’s’ solution
  • Multi-channel publishing – No matter the content, use it anywhere

A full recording of the webinar can be found here:


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