Introducing Multi-Column Layouts

With the new ‘Multi-column’ component, it’s now simple to create responsive, print-inspired layouts.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

April 17th, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 mins
multi columns

Our second feature update of 2018 introduces multi-column layouts, mobile first column order control, support for special characters as well as a range of updates and fixes.

Introducing the Multi-column

With the addition of the new ‘Multi-column’ component, it’s now possible to create responsive, print-inspired layouts which automatically manage the number of columns based on the viewport.

At the largest viewport, content will flow across three columns. As the browser is resized, or a smaller device is used and can no longer fit at least two columns, the content will collapse into a single column layout.

Because Multi-columns make calculations to automatically wrap and balance content into tidy columns, you no longer need to worry about the length of copy being added.

The Multi-column component can be found in the article builder under ‘Layouts’.  You can learn more about working with columns here.

Mobile-first Column ordering

When layout columns collapse (i.e on a mobile device), the content will appear in the order of its column position, from left to right. While this is usually desirable, in some situations it’s important to be able to control in what order content appears on mobile devices.

To solve this problem, this release adds a ‘mobile-first’ control for 2-column layout components enabling you to override the order column content appears on mobile devices.

Special Characters Support

This release also adds special character support making it easy to inject a wide range of special characters.  This option can be found in the content formatting toolbar and supports a wide range of popular symbols and characters.

To learn more about all the changes included in this release you can read the full change log here.  To learn more about working with columns, read the support documentation here.

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