Canvasflow & BORN Group Partnership

Canvasflow is announcing a strategic partnership with BORN Group that will offer a full-service print and digital content solution to publishers and brands.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

July 2nd, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 mins
born group

BORN Group is an award-winning global Experiential Agency with an impressive client portfolio. Its proprietary CITO content management platform offer customers a best-in-class content production solution.

born group
Born Group represents some of the biggest brands in the world

Canvasflow is a rapid authoring platform designed to simplify the creation of responsive content – either from the ground up or from existing sources and without the need for developers. Offering a rich creation, design and management toolset, the platform enables content to be created once and published to multiple channels; web, apps, social and more.


Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows, Canvasflow helps streamline complex and resource heavy processes and significantly reduce production time.

The Canvasflow/CITO integration will be the Swiss army knife of content production, featuring extensive tools to optimise common repetitive tasks – saving significant time and money. Customers will be able to simultaneously send print ready InDesign files to both CITO Publish and Canvasflow for fully responsive web, app and social publishing. Workflows can be automated and additional content sources and publishing channels are supported.

The integration will ensure customers can manage every stage of their content production cycle from print to digital – reducing production times, streamlining workflows and growing deeper engagement with audiences everywhere.

“With BORN’s focus on all aspects of Customer Experience we are very excited to be working with the Canvasflow team to extend our workflow solutions in supporting our clients current and future requirements. Speed and efficiency to market for customer focused responsive content is critical for our clients and this partnership further enables this goal.”

Stephen Waller, COO for BORN

“Since first meeting the BORN team we knew it was a great fit, they have huge clients and global reach. We quickly realised Canvasflow can help them add significant value to their existing relationships as we benefit from reaching a much wider audience. Together we also have a compelling offering for new business customers.”

Gareth Jones, COO for Canvasflow


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