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Our latest update is here, bringing a host of new features to broaden what’s possible with Canvasflow.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

June 14th, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 mins
hamburger menu

Our latest update is here, bringing a host of new features to broaden what’s possible with Canvasflow. In this update there’s something for every publisher.

Twixl Hamburger Menu

(Also known as Sandwich, Pancake, Oreo or Hotdog Menu)… Twixl Publisher clients can now manipulate their Twixl Hamburger Menu from Canvasflow. Add Collection links, placeholder images, or web links for simpler user navigation.

You can access the Hamburger Menu from the top of the article manager of any Twixl Publisher publication.  You can learn more about the Hamburger Menu feature here.

twixl hamburger menu location

Adverts Adverts Adverts

We listened to your feedback and in response added a Full-Page Advert component, making it simple to insert full page ads into your apps.

This component is similar to an image component, with an extra property to increase control, fully explained in our Working with media components help document.

full page ad

Batch PDF to Article Creation

Have a tonne of content in PDF format to publish? Now with Canvasflow you can upload and convert to Canvasflow articles effortlessly. Each PDF page will be created as a separate article for easy content management, further information found here.

pdf to article

Templates From Articles

Sometimes you make a great looking article and want to re-use that format for future content – well, now you can create a template from an existing article.

Simply navigate to the edit menu of an article in the article manager and select ‘Create Template’. You can find full documentation of the feature here.


template from article

Full Width Images

We’ve added a new property to the Image component, ‘Force Full Width’, this property allows you to force an image to resize to fit the width of the canvas, regardless of it’s raw dimensions.

This feature is especially useful for when you need an image to fit the width of the canvas but it’s native size is slightly too small. This enables you to use an image without having to manually resize or source an alternative.

Force Full Width
An example of an image with and without ‘Force Full Width’ applied:

You can find everything included in this update in the changelog. As with every release, we welcome all feedback, thoughts and ideas.  Remember, you can use our Feature Request Form or contact us at

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