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There are a lot of business video hosting options out there, so we’ve chosen a few to help make your decision a little easier.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

March 28th, 2018 | Reading Time: 5 mins
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There are plenty of business video hosting options out there, whether it’s providing professional content that’s locked down for internal corporate use, or promotional/instructional content for a small publisher. Each hosting provider has their benefits, so we’ve broken down each offering to help make your decision a little easier.



Wistia provides a tonne of customisation in the form of branding, social sharing and even calls to action to collect leads. Integrated with most of the major marketing tools it’s a great choice, with a great video player that has a premium feel that can’t really be matched by platforms like Youtube.

One of Wistia’s biggest benefits lies in its analytics, providing heatmaps and reports allowing businesses to drill down and discover how people are engaging and interacting with video, from their history of watched videos from a library or which parts were skipped or rewatched. The added bonus of Wistia is that it can be used as a video card on Twitter, being played within the feed.


  • Deep analytics package
  • Low cost
  • CRM integrations: Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, a tonne of email platforms, and Zendesk
  • Good social integration, especially Twitter
  • Call to actions/Lead gen


  • Free option for upto 3 videos
  • $99 a month 10 videos, $0.25 a month per extra video


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Vidyard is one the newest video hosting monster, having grown quickly and positioned themselves as the go-to choice for business video hosting, they’ve definitely backed up their claims and provided a platform with a huge amount of features and ways for the modern marketer to make the most of their video content.

Vidyard essentially offers everything you could want or need from a video hosting platform, but it comes with an enterprise-level price, suited to very large publishers that are serious about their video marketing strategy.


  • Professional level security options
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Interactive forms, product listings and dropdowns
  • Personalised Video – target individuals using personal details
  • Advanced real-time analytics
  • Integrations with social, email and just about every CRM tool out there


  • Custom pricing starting around $1000/mo

Vidyard provides a smart video tour of the platform that can be found here.


*Supported by Canvasflow


Youtube is likely the first video hosting platform anyone thinks of, so it had to get a mention. Youtube is a huge platform, hosting everything from music videos and stand up comedy to instructional content. The main reason any business may use Youtube is the fact it’s the second largest search engine on the web, making it a lot easier for promotional videos to get found organically, and it’s free.

Though not the ideal option for publishers serious about their video content, it offers enough to be a great place to host promotional and instructional videos. Regardless of what video hosting platform a business focuses on, it’s always good to have a presence on Youtube for the content that fits.


  • SEO appeal, easy to search for content and already has a huge audience, ideal for instructional or promotional video
  • Free
  • Basic analytics that cover most needed metrics
  • Inline video player supported almost universally across the web


  • Free

Some of the other benefits of Youtube: The most supported video hosting platform around, any social or content platform that supports video embedding is likely to support Youtube. Easy to use analytics to track watch time, audience retention and engagement with annotations and info cards make it an ideal platform for using video as a major sales tool.

Vimeo Pro

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Vimeo is the likely the next step up from Youtube. It’s got a reputation for high quality HD content and is used by a host of creatives, the quality of it’s hosting is likely unmatched by any other platform in this list.

Until recently Vimeo was leading the pack in professional video hosting, providing 4K Ultra HD video hosting, a fully brandable and customisable video player with easy to use SEO tools. Where Vimeo falls short is its lack of integrations with major CRM services, and it’s a little light on it’s lead generation features, but for a low budget with high quality video content, it may be the perfect platform.


  • Video/Asset management tools
  • Good support for 4K Ultra HD video
  • Brandable/Customisable Video Player


  • $99 a Month

Sprout Video

sprout video

Sprout Video is purpose built for professional business hosting, specifically designed to be the marketers first choice. A little light on integrations, but still provides support for Mailchimp, Hubspot, Intercom and a few others. Fit for purpose, it also provides plenty of security with the ability to have multiple logins per video as well as tracking for those logins, features that are important to any corporate account.


  • Security: Password protection, login tracking, IP blocking
  • Integrated with many CRMs for automation and sales
  • Highly customisable video player
  • Calls to action and email capture
  • Rich analytics suite


  • $59.99 a month starting

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