A Running Start to 2020

We’re kicking 2020 off with a huge platform update – from content creation & management to new publish channels and major performance optimisations.

Liam Handford

Liam Handford

January 13th, 2020 | Reading Time: 3 mins

We wanted to kick off 2020 right, so we’re bringing you our latest platform release. This update sees improved creative workflows, major speed improvements and full support for Apple News+.

With the addition of multiple new channels to Canvasflow over the past year, and now News+, it’s a brilliant opportunity to capitalise on the ever-growing need for readers to have access to quality, mobile-first content.

Update highlights

  1. Support for Apple News+
  2. Canvasflow Supercharged
  3. Navigate Faster Than Ever
  4. Inline Image Support
  5. Cleaner Content
  6. Global Templates & Snippets


Apple News+

With more publishers gaining interest in Apple’s premium news service, we’ve implemented support for News+, Apple’s latest premium news service and big brother to standard Apple News (which we also support).

With Canvasflow, you can now seamlessly manage an Apple News+ channel from Canvasflow while fully abiding by Apple’s strict content structure and design guidelines 

If you’re interested in publishing to News+, get in touch and we’ll get you setup.

Canvasflow Supercharged

Whether it’s building content or entering an article, working with Canvasflow is now near instantaneous.

Great UX is a passion for the team at Canvasflow and our developers are always looking at ways to keep things running quickly.  With this update the team have delivered huge performance gains via database optimisation and streamlining how content is stored and delivered.

Navigate Faster Than Ever

The new Article Navigator offers a visual way to quickly and easily view and navigate all available articles within a publication.

Working with multiple issues each with dozens of articles filled with complex content is now a breeze.  Easily navigate through all your articles in seconds, without the need to go back and forth to the article manager.

Check out our help documentation for a full run down.

Inline Image support

The text toolbar has had an update enabling users to add images anywhere, even in the middle of content and resize on demand.

The new Inline image function can be accessed through the text formatting toolbar – just highlight a space and select the Image icon. A full guide for using Inline Images is in our help documentation.

Cleaner Content

Depending on your workflow, there is a high chance you have needed to paste content into Canvasflow, but with this comes the risk of adding unwanted (and unknown) inline formatting that can result in unwanted styling.

With the latest update of the Content Cleaner service you can be confident that regardless of how content is added to Canvasflow, it’ll appear accurately across any publish channel – meaning you get perfect results every time.


Global Templates & Snippets

Along with Styles, it’s now possible to make Templates & Snippets global, so once created they’re able to be used across multiple publications or brands.

Using global templates, snippets and styles you can can keep content consistent while also reducing production time.  Just like you should never reinvent the wheel, now you never have to create the same piece of content more than once.


That’s everything for this update, but we’ve got some big news to share soon!  Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks to find out what we have planed for 2020!

As always, you can find a full list of changes in this update via our changelog. If you have any suggestions, you can fill out of Feature Request form and be updated on progress.

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